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Tom Brady to return to NFL following short retirement

Tom Brady has announced an unexpected return to the NFL. The news came only 40 days after he entered retirement. The player claimed he had an unfinished business with football.

Brady reportedly will play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 2022 season. He was previously linked to the Miami Dolphins. The news came from an NFL executive who said that Brady and Sean Payton would be with the Dolphins next season if Brady opted out of his contract with the Buccaneers.

That being said, some other reports have claimed that the player was planning to skip the 2022 season and return next year. While the Buccaneers are unlikely to let Brady leave, nothing seems out of the ordinary when it comes to the player. Recently, the man retired and then announced a return to the sport.

Brady’s announcement raises Bucs’ value bet.

Two years ago, Brady’s presence in Tampa Bay laid the groundwork for the Buccaneers’ first Super Bowl triumph in two decades. With Brady being in his MVP form, the Bucs had a strong 2021 season, finishing 13-4 to their first NFC South divisional title since 2007.

As Brady went out of the picture, Jason Licht had to face the enormous challenge of rebuilding an experienced lineup win. In addition to ensuring Brady’s return, the Buccaneers’ general manager has made significant moves, including hiring receiver Chris Godwin and signing center Ryan Jensen to a three-year contract.

These actions have propelled Tampa Bay to the top of the odds, coming out as NFC South champs. Brady’s decision to play at least one more season may have been influenced by the current level of competition in the NFC South.

Rumors on Brady ownership of the Dolphins

Fans are anticipating Brady’s return to the Buccaneers. With his return, additional, however, a rumor follows. There have been claims that the quarterback was a part-owner of the Miami Dolphins.

With Brad returns, there’s more speculation rather than facts. However, no one saw the rumor of the quarterback joining the ownership of the Miami Dolphins and being part of the roster. While Brady took a little to no time to make his intentions of his returns, Pat McAfee recently highlighted the situation of Brady-Manning and the Dolphins on the Patt McAfee Show, reported Ben Volin, an NFL writer.

According to several sources, Miami Dolphins might have announced Tom Brady for minority ownership of the Dolphins. That revelation might have come a week before Superbowl. However, Brian Flores, a former Dolphins’ head coach, denies the rumor on the same day when the quarterback announces his retirement.

In February, Mike Florio from NBC sports reported that the Dolphins planned to pursue the Payton-Brady package deal. According to a source close to the team, the Dolphins approached New Orleans Saints regarding the prospect of employing Payton. With Brady, the Dolphins unofficially admit that they took up the possibility of Brady being a minority owner of the organization.

When he announced his retirement, it appeared as if he was attempting to get the Buccaneers to give up on him but without actually demanding that they do so. Meanwhile, Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel says Tua Tagovailoa will begin the season as Miami’s starting quarterback.

Tom Brady

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is an American football quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League . He spent his first 20 seasons with the New England Patriots, (wikipedia)

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins are a professional American football team based in the Miami metropolitan area. (wikipedia)