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Lakers deliver epic comeback in match against Nuggets

The match between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets on April 10 was exciting for both fans of the Lakers and Nuggets. The points stayed neck and neck throughout the match, with Malin Monk dropping around 40 points.

However, the match ended with an epic comeback. Austin Reeves of the Lakers brought the match to overtime and managed to score multiple shots. Then, Mac McClung came in and delivered a reverse slam dunk for the finishing blow, only moments before the timer runs out.

First and second quarter highlights

The Lakers were leading by a few points for the first four minutes with a score of 12-8. However, the Nuggets were quick to catch up to their losses by securing a tie of 22-22 with five minutes left on the timer.

The first quarter ended with the Lakers leading 35-33. Players from both teams were very active and performed good shots and defense.

In the second quarter, the Nuggets tried to switch the lead by performing multiple slam dunks, but the Lakers still managed to keep it by a thread, making the quarter end with the score being in their favor at 67-66.

Third and fourth quarter highlights

Through the third quarter, the Nuggets managed to turn the match over, having a big lead of 95-82 in the remaining four minutes. The Lakers tried to go in on the attack but the third quarter belonged to the Nuggets, with 108-95 being displayed on the scoreboard.

With a big point difference, the Lakers were desperate for a comeback. They started the fourth quarter with a heavy slam dunk by Monk. Sadly, the Nuggets kept a tight grip, leading 135-126 with one minute left.

However, Wenyen Gabriel and Reeves swooped in to save the day by making it a tie of 135-135, leading the game to overtime.

Overtime highlights

In the overtime, Reeves shot multiple points for the Lakers. The Nuggets did try to balance the score but the match was decided after McClung put the icing on the cake with his reverse slam dunk, making the final score 146-141.

Sadly, the game also ended with a feud between Wayne Wellington and Facu Campazzo. Previously in the second quarter, Facu pushed Wellington.

“When I see you I’m putting my hands on you” said Wellington on Twitter.

Frank Vogel’s last game with the Lakers

With the match bringing the season to an end, it also marked the time for Lakers coach Frank Vogel to say goodbye to his squad. As reported by ESPN, this match was Vogel’s final game with the team.

Vogel, who signed a three-year contract in 2019 and a one-year extension through 2022-23 this offseason, said after the game on Sunday that he had not been informed anything regarding his future with the Lakers.

“I haven’t been told and I’m going to enjoy tonight’s game, celebrate what these young guys did in terms of scratching and clawing and getting back in this game and getting a W, and we’ll deal with tomorrow, tomorrow,” said Vogel to reporters during a postgame press conference.

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