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Los Angeles County: Adrian Peterson to escape felony charges after plane incident with his wife

Former NFL MVP Adrian Peterson was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport Sunday morning, just hours before the Super Bowl 56 in response to a call made in the morning to the alleged verbal and physical altercation between a suspected man and a woman, according to a statement released by the airport police to ESPN.

“It was referred to our office today and we will review the case,” Rob Wilcox of the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office said.

However, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office has confirmed that Peterson will not be facing felony charges in connection to the airplane incident with his wife, Ashley Brown. Instead, on Tuesday, LA’s district office determined this case would potentially be processed as a misdemeanor case.

How it happened

The incident happened just hours prior to the NFL Championship game on Sunday. At about 8.30 am, an anonymous caller alerted police officers of potential domestic violence.

The airplane which was about to take off on the runway had to be returned to the gate. Peterson was taken into custody and booked at the LA’s Police Department Pacific Division because the ring had left a scratch on Brown’s finger, as reported by police.

This was not the first time that the seven-time Pro-Bowler got into similar trouble. Back in 2014, Peterson was charged with felony child abuse for using a wooden switch to spank his then-4-year-old son.

It resulted in cuts and bruises all over the boy’s body. The former Minnesota Viking eventually did not plead any contest to defend himself from a misdemeanor reckless assault charge. As a result, he went on a two-year probation period, was fined $4,000, and had to perform 80 hours of community service. Additionally, the NFL suspended him for one year.

Shortly after the investigation, the 36-year-old was given a $50,000 bail and released Sunday afternoon before 12.30 pm on bond. The couple continued their journey to Houston.

Peterson’s reaction

In a telephone interview with the media on Monday, the Texas-born running back explained to media, “I got into an argument on the plane. That was pretty much the gist of it. I ended up grabbing her hand and taking her ring off her finger.”

This explains the reason why there was a minor corporal injury on the spouse, Brown.

“We just had a disagreement. I know the headlines, domestic violence. You’d think I beat her up or something,” Peterson added. “It was nothing like that.”

When the arrest happened on the airplane, Peterson admitted that he was confused.

“I was literally mind-blown that they took me to jail,” he said. “They were like, ‘I’m sorry, Mr. Peterson, but because she had a scratch on her finger, [in] the state of California, we have to take you in.’ I sit there and watch the plane pull back and take off and I’m just like, ‘Wow! I cannot believe this is happening right now. I’m going to jail, and I literally didn’t do anything.’ ”

Thankfully, Ashley got his back. On Tuesday via Instagram, Brown defended her husband.

“On Sunday, Adrian and I had a verbal argument. Unfortunately, it was on an airplane. At no point did Adrian hit or strike me. This is a private matter between my husband and myself. We ask that everyone respect our privacy so we can focus on what matters most: our children.”

Brown reconfirmed her statement again to a reporter, “Adrian and I had a verbal argument,” she continued. “Unfortunately, it was on an airplane.”

Possibly, Brown’s statement is what lifted Peterson’s charges.

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