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Cooper Kupp’s work commitment finally pays off for Super Bowl MVP win

Los Angeles Rams were crowned Super Bowl 56 champion on Sunday night defeating the Cincinnati Bengals in the final touchdown with 23-20 victorious play.

It has been a busy week for the Rams and Cooper Kupp was in the spotlight due to his heroic performance that secured the win for the team. The wide receiver received the last pass from QB Matthew Stafford which led the night into victory.

Kupp’s feelings

The Rams defeated the Bengals on Sunday night at SoFi stadium. It seems that fans have not been able to forget the phenomenal game when the 28-year-old managed to catch the go-ahead touchdown with 1:25 left on the clock.

The impact of the action earned him the Pete Rozelle Trophy. Thanks to his eight receptions, 92 receiving yards, and two touchdowns, and the most important grab of them all ultimately secured the Super Bowl title.

“I think I was actually adding it up in the car on the way here,” Kupp told reporters on Monday.

With key rosters changing here and there, Head coach Sean McVay said Kupp was a “foundational piece” because through it all, the Super Bowl champion remained consistent all season since the Rams selected him in the 2017 NFL draft.

Off the field, Kupp also flourished. He has been team captain for the past two seasons and grows a personal bond with McVay.“Guys like Cooper epitomize what’s right about this team,” McVay said Monday. “I am better as a coach and a person for being around Cooper Kupp. … Guys like Cooper Kupp are why you coach.”

Not only to McVay, but Kupp grew a bond with Stafford. Both of them developed chemistry even outside of mandated practice time.

“He’s an unbelievable player,” Stafford told reporters in his postgame news conference Sunday. “I’m so proud of him,… It’s pretty special.”

“The extra time, outside of the obligatory time, is north of 500 hours this season. You spend that much together being able to talk football, the preparation and time you have — focusing on that kind of stuff. When you get in those moments, it just becomes second nature,” Kupp told a reporter.

Kupp’s values

Kupp had experienced a painful loss during the Super Bowl 53 to the New England Patriots three years ago due to a torn ACL injury. He did not let his spirit wash away. However, to this victory, the four-time First-Team FCS All-American WR felt that this was predetermined by a higher power.

“I don’t know what it was, there was just this vision that God revealed to me that we were going to come back, we were going to be a part of a Super Bowl, we were going to win it,” Kupp told reporters after Super Bowl 56. “And somehow — somehow I was going to walk off the field as the MVP of the game.”

The current MVP deserves his title, joining Jerry Rice who also received the triple crown: the Vince Lombardi Trophy, Offensive Player of the Year and Super Bowl MVP during years of career, Kupp is able to hit all three trophies in a single season.

It is undoubtful that the Rams’ wideout has risen to be one of the best wide receivers in the league.e.

Cooper Kupp

Cooper Douglas Kupp is an American football wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League . (wikipedia)

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League . It has served as the final game of every NFL season since 1966, replacing the NFL Championship Game. (wikipedia)