California GOP reveals stance on Proposition 26, 27

California Republican Party has joined the Democratic Party in opposing Proposition 27. However, unlike the Democratic Party, the Republican Party is claimed to also oppose Proposition 26, both of which would authorize sports betting in California.

If Proposition 26 passes, tribal casinos will be able to provide in-person sports betting, roulette, and racetracks in addition to having to pay for state sports betting regulatory charges at their establishments. Hence, its proposal is favored by the majority of the state’s tribes.

In the meantime, if Proposition 27 passes, it will be legal for gaming companies or recognized tribes to offer online sports betting to adults in California on the non-tribal territory. As a result, major casino operators including FanDuel, BetMGM, and DraftKings endorse Proposition 27.

The California GOP is claimed to have officially stated its stance on the other five propositions that California voters will have the option to vote on the November 8 ballot, in addition to declaring its position on propositions 26 and 27.

The Republican Party is said to be the most vocal opponent of Proposition 27, despite its opposition to both sports betting initiatives.

The California Republican Party’s Chairwoman, Jessica Millan Patterson, explained the party’s decision to oppose Proposition 27.

“Prop 27 breaks the promise made to California’s Native American tribes to grant them the sovereign right to operate gaming in California in order to improve the lives of their communities across the state,” Patterson said.

“We stand with California tribes and oppose Prop 27.”

Rivalry intensifies

Despite the Republican Party’s opposition, Major League Baseball (MLB) has issued a statement in support of Proposition 27.

“As legalized sports betting continues to expand across the country, Major League Baseball remains committed to protecting the integrity of its games and creating a safe experience for fans who wish to wager on those games,” the league said in a statement earlier this month.

MLB also said that proposition 27 is the only one on the upcoming ballot that will assist them in meeting those commitments.

“Proposition 27 – the only measure on California’s upcoming ballot that would authorize and regulate online sports betting – includes strong integrity provisions designed to help MLB carry out those commitments.”

Interestingly, as the rivalry between these two projects intensifies, it was announced on August 20 that spending on both propositions has exceeded 2020’s proposition 22 by more than $130 million, with a total of $357 million raised.

Previously, the Democratic Party had opposed proposition 27 in July while remaining indifferent to proposition 26, which was supported by the tribes.

The move taken by both the Republican and Democratic parties toward initiatives 26 and 27 is thus one of the suggestions for their voters on whether or not to vote for the aforesaid propositions on the November ballot. However, this does not imply that they will blindly follow their party’s recommendation.

Patterson discusses the GOP viewpoint and how it will direct their supporters on the ballot.

“Voters are with Republicans on the ideas, and with our final ballot initiative positions now in place, we are ready to put in the work to ensure that voters are with us again this November,” the chairwoman said.

“From now until polls close, we will be talking to voters about these important initiatives.”

California Republican Party

The California Republican Party is the affiliate of the United States Republican Party in the U.S. state of California. The party is based in Sacramento and is led by chair Jessica Millan Patterson. (wikipedia)

Democratic Party (United States)

The Democratic Party is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States. Its main political rival has been the Republican Party since the 1850s. It was founded in 1828, (wikipedia)