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Warriors’ Juan Toscano-Anderson provides update on teammate Klay Thompson

Golden State Warriors’ Juan Toscano-Anderson has given an update on the return of Klay Thompson, who, despite will not be making the Christmas day return that fans have been hoping for, was looking “explosive”. Thompson has not been seen for the last two years due to a torn left ACL and right Achilles.

“Klay is one of those dudes,” Toscano-Anderson said on Wednesday after the Warriors practice. “I was like, ‘Man this dude just came off an injury for over a year and he’s competing.’ That goes to say, he looks like he hasn’t lost a step. Explosive. Can shoot the ball. I’m really excited to see him out there, as a fan and a teammate.”

Toscano-Anderson claimed that Thompson was ready to make a return on the court. The only thing preventing him from doing so is the Warriors, who need to run checks before him the green light.

“I can imagine it will be one of those moments, like him scoring 37 points in a quarter or a game-winner. Just one of those special moments for Warriors fans,” Toscano-Anderson said.

“Obviously he’s beloved by Warriors fans and the entire Bay Area. Klay is a legend here, and that’s coming from a true hometown kid. I can only imagine what it will be like to be like for the fans. I, myself, am excited to see him out there. That’s what sports are about, right?”

How the Warriors are doing

The Golden State Warriors are currently ranked as the second seed in the Western Conference. They, so far, have recorded 25 wins and six losses. They are now back in the league as a championship contender team.

After Thompson’s scheduled Christmas return was pushed back, it was rumored that he would make his return on January 3 against Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers on January 9, or Detroit Pistons on January 18.

Thompson made his first public appearance in November when the Warriors beat the Portland Trail Blazers 118-103 and stayed on the bench after the game, long after the fans had left Chase Center.

He appeared emotional, and people were almost certain that he was crying as he covered himself with a towel over his head. Accompanied by Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and Warriors coach Steve Kerr, he left the bench for the locker room.

“There’s a lot of excitement about what’s ahead in terms of his journey over the past two-plus years, the fact that he has been grinding all summer long or this past year since the Achilles to prepare his body and his mind for the difficult task of getting close to 100 percent as possible,” Curry told NBC Sports Bay Area’s Kerith Burke at Warriors Media Day in October.

“Just keeping his mentals, to steal Marshawn (Lynch)’s line, keeping that right because that’s a long time for anybody to worry about one thing. Especially when the joy of actually playing the game is taken away.

“I just love the fact that he has found balance in life, basketball and things outside of it, to keep him energized and positive. This last stretch of his road to get back to playing, it’s going to be difficult, and I think he is aware of that and preparing himself for that and then that first game back is going to be unreal.”