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Stephen Curry reveals LeBron James once called him ‘King of Basketball’

Some NBA matchups have become legendary in their own way. Stephen Curry vs. LeBron James is one recent rivalry that meets that criteria. In recent years, the two stars have battled for the title of top player practically every year.

On the one hand, there’s LeBron James, who is continuing to transcend all ageist stereotypes, despite the fact that he’s just 37 and still performs like he’s 27. The Los Angeles Lakers icon is a four-time MVP, 17-time NBA All-Star, and four-time NBA Champion.

And then there’s Stephen Curry. The two-time MVP is a formidable offensive player on the team. Securing Curry is like attempting to catch a buzzing bee on the field because he never quits, which is one of his most impressive characteristics. The 33-year-old recently broke Ray Allen’s All-Time NBA milestone for most three-pointers, and he still has 4-6 seasons left in him.

Despite their several confrontations in the NBA Finals, the two share a bond of respect and have been continuously seen to praise each other. Whether it’s Curry applauding LeBron for demonstrating that age is only a number, or LeBron acknowledging Stephen’s unrivaled brilliance as a point guard.

Perhaps unbeknownst to many, LeBron and Curry go way back, too.

Idols turn rivals

Curry recently revealed in an interview that he still keeps the jersey that LeBron James autographed during his second year of college. LeBron was a regular at the games and was always impressed at Curry’s performance on the court.

“On my wall at my parents’ house in Charlotte, it’s still there. And he wrote it to me, called me the king of basketball in North Carolina. So I guess it’s like the corny idols-become-rivals thing,” Curry recalled.

Curry entered the NBA after graduating from Davidson College, where he established himself as a powerful shooter. During LeBron’s fifth season in the NBA, he went to several games in which Curry played. Curry joined the NBA as a promising player after hitting the single-season record for most three-pointers made.

In a separate interview, LeBron stated that Curry simply cannot be slowed or stopped. “How do you slow him down? How do you slow me down? You can’t,” he said.

Emphasizing Curry’s outstanding skills, he further explained “He has a great motor. I think a lot of people don’t understand how, how great his motor is. He never stops moving, his ball-handling and his ability to shoot the ball off the dribble hand, off the catch, um, you know, is, uh, is uncanny. I don’t think has ever been a guy in our league to be able to shoot the ball as well, to see.”

What’s ahead for Curry

As for Curry, he and the Golden State Warriors presently have the league’s leading streak. Following several tough losses, they intend to add another victory to their history. Klay Thompson had just resurfaced after a 941-day absence and is set to dominate the Warriors’ prospects.

When Curry and LeBron square off, they seem to bring out the best in each other. Although each of them has their own fans, one thing remains constant: their mutual respect. This was also observed during last year’s All-Star game when the two stars bonded during the match.

LeBron James

LeBron Raymone James Sr. is an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association . Nicknamed “King James”, (wikipedia)

Stephen Curry

Wardell Stephen Curry II is an American professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association . (wikipedia)