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MLB, MLBPA extend Trevor Bauer’s leave until April 22

There is a possibility that Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer will be reinstated following the sexual assault allegations case against him. According to a source, the MLB commissioner and the MLBPA decided to prolong Bauer’s absence until April 22, although initially, the leave was scheduled to go until Saturday.

Both representatives for the league and a spokesman for the MLBPA declined to give any other opinion since the league and the MLBPA have a written agreement to consider the deal to be binding. Bauer decidedly will not be able to play until his leave expires.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred may have to suspend Bauer by the end of Saturday if there is any chance that Bauer presumed the most recent extension to his absence was not binding or if there is a risk that Bauer would show up at Dodger Stadium on Sunday.

Dave Roberts, the Dodgers’ manager, said he had “no idea” whether or not Bauer would show up at Dodger Stadium on Sunday. He stated that he could not go into additional detail since he was unable to do so.

Allegations against Bauer of sexual assault, domestic violence

This investigation into Bauer’s possible sexual assault and domestic abuse violations has been ongoing for the past nine months. A negotiated agreement was reached with all 15 players who had previously been suspended for violating the regulations, allowing them to waive their right to appeal. Suspensions ranged from 15 games to 162 games in length.

If he’s suspended, the Dodgers will determine whether or not to bring him back. Cut him and pay the rest of his $102 million deal or cut him and claim that he should not be paid due to the personal behavior language in the contract.

A woman in San Diego has accused Bauer of sexual assault in two separate interactions with her, and he has not played for the Dodgers since June 28. A judge denied a restraining order against Bauer in the interim. Los Angeles County district attorney decided not to press criminal charges against him after the accusation while he was on paid leave.

Following the second sexual encounter with Bauer, the woman submitted medical records in which doctors diagnosed her with “assault by manual strangulation” and “acute head injury.” The pitcher’s legal team has challenged the accuracy of the medical assessment.

An Ohio woman made a similar allegation against Bauer. She agreed to assist MLB investigators, and it remains unclear what the league learned from the meetings with her. Bauer called the claims “categorically false.” And none of the 15 players previously suspended had more than one alleged victim.

Said Bauer: “I never assaulted her in any way, at any time.”

She was “materially deceptive,” according to the judge, in her written testimony. On April 4, the judge turned down Bauer’s request for her cell phone data, which his lawyers said could show how she “planned to seek hard sex to make money later.” Her lawyers said that the demand was just a way for Bauer to keep bothering her for months if the court did not impose any restraining order.

Trevor Bauer

Trevor Andrew Bauer is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball . He previously played for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Cleveland Indians, (wikipedia)

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