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Mike Trout fine after hit in match against Texas

The Los Angeles Angels Mike Trout had to leave a match against the Texas Rangers on Sunday after being struck by a pitch in his left hand. Fortunately, his x-rays said he will be fine. The Angels won the match 8-3.

Trout was hit by Rangers right-hander Spencer Patton with a 1-1 slider leading off the fifth inning. Trout claimed he struggled to pick up the pitch that was rushing toward him at a speed of 81 mph and he dropped his hands to protect his stomach.

“Like a normal day, I probably just turn like this (turning his left shoulder in) and just get hit,” he said.

Trout jumped up and down and waved his hand around because of the pain. He first approached the opposing dugout, then marched approximately halfway down the first-base line, where he was greeted by trainer Mike Frostad and manager Joe Maddon. Frostad helped by escorting Trout off the field and went to the clubhouse after checking to see if he could squeeze his hand.

Maddon said he could see Trout was in more pain than anticipated.

“Even though it was a slider and it was 81, if you get hit in the wrong spot, it can hurt you,” said Maddon. “I went out there and he was in more pain than you’d think just by looking at it. So we just decided, ‘Let’s just get him out of it and get him on some ice and get looked at.’”

He added that he might consider making Trout sit it out the next game against the Houston Astros on Monday night.

“I thought Shohei [Ohtani], Trouty, Ward, [Andrew] Velazquez and [Tyler] Wade did great work at the plate and on the bases,” Maddon. continued “It was just a fun game. I want us to do a little bit of everything hit for power, run the bases, get a couple bunts down we had the hit-and-run going. Everything was in play today, and I loved that.”

Trout’s Performance

Trout has been on a streak. This season, he has a batting average of 267 with two home runs and two RBIs. He doubled to short right field on a flare during the Angels’ three-run third inning, which gave them a 4-1 lead.

Trout said he originally thought his hand was fractured and was displeased by where the pitch hit him.

“It was frustrating, for sure,” said Trout. “It could’ve hit me anywhere else, but it hit me on my hand. I knew it hit me square. I got some X-rays and so I’ll take it day by day and see how I feel tomorrow. It’s pretty swelled up. It’s a lot better since I first got hit.”

The Angels also have Jo Adell and Taylor Ward on their roster. Ward has been playing well since being recalled from the injured list on Saturday.

Despite Trout’s injury, every Angels starter got on base through a hit or a walk in the match. It was also the Angels’ fifth victory in their past six games. They also won three of the last four in Texas.

Los Angeles Angels

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Joe Maddon

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