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LeBron James proposes joint parade of Lakers, Dodgers, and Rams following Super Bowl victory

Los Angeles Lakers star forward LeBron James posted an intriguing post on Twitter after the Los Angeles Rams clinch their Super Bowl win. James proposed that the Los Angeles sports team should gather and celebrate their winning championship title at a joint party. Though it would be interesting for sports fans as King James wanted to make the City of Champions into reality, it somehow triggered pros and cons on this matter.


Recalling the world when it was hit by the severe pandemic situation, many public activities have been stopped. This includes after-parties for championship games.

Players play, above all, for fans of the game and their team. Not having the opportunity to celebrate a championship run with fans was a disappointment for LeBron.

On Sunday, Los Angeles’ recent winning franchise from NFL, the Rams won the Super Bowl LVI as Aaron Donald and the team sealed the title by holding Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals to 23-20 final score. James sees this as an open opportunity to combine the LA parade.

On a Twitter post from the four-time NBA champion, he wanted that all three Los Angeles winning teams to have a joint party. He also refers to a concert that will be the closing of the festivities.

“(Lakers), Dodgers and Rams should all do a joint parade together!!!! With a live concert afterward to end it!! City of Champions. Congrats once again!!!” James posted after his attendance at the Rams games with Warriors forward Draymond Green, in their VIP box at SoFi stadium.

The 38-year-old who has been struggling to be in the top six seed wanted this special occasion as a celebration that focuses on the 2020 championship game. The gold and purple army won the 2020 NBA title championship while the Dodgers also won the World Series in MLB 2020, but they did not have a parade at that moment due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

“Hey @Rams, when is the parade??? We are locked out and available! #MegaParade #LA #CityofChampions” on a post from Dodgers team, Justin Turner.

However, for this time, some sports fans believed that it is the Rams who should get their moment in the sun and be the center of attention in Los Angeles as they just won the Super Bowl LVI.

The Cons

Ideally, it would be one fun party if the three teams from Los Angeles got together in one place. On the other hand, James’s proposal has got several negative Twitter reactions saying that he is selfish because the party would likely be focused on him.

It has been said that LeBron wants the Lakers to be a part of a parade in the middle of an NBA season in which they’re floundering is probably inappropriate.

“With all due respect y’all should win another one also,” a Twitter user responded referring to the Lakers’s three-time losing streak.

It seemed like for some sports fan out there, the title of this joint party would be too much as the Dodgers and Lakers also had different rosters when they won their championships.

Another, “LeSefish can’t help but make it about himself next on Undisputed”.

Where there always be haters, the Lakers are now preparing to have a home game scheduled against the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night.

LeBron James

LeBron Raymone James Sr. is an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association . Nicknamed “King James”, (wikipedia)

Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams are a professional American football team based in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. (wikipedia)