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J.C. Jackson pens 5-year, $82.5 million deal with Los Angeles Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers have reportedly offered the former New England Patriots cornerback J.C. Jackson a five-year, $82.5 million deal. The contract includes $28 million in the first year and $40 million over the first two, Ian Rapoport reported on Monday.

According to NFL Network’s Mike Giardi, Jackson will get a $40 million guarantee. The deal was later confirmed by ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Both parties agreed and the Chargers show their ambitious move for the upcoming new season with Jackson coming to LA.

Meanwhile, the Chargers also have been working to fill all the void of their rosters, including Khalil Mack from the Chicago Bears and Sebastian Joseph-Day from city rival, the Los Angeles Rams.

Jackson on Chargers

Jackson who often refers to himself as “Mr. INT”, has only been a weekly starter for one season, yet teams are already eyeing him. Eventually, the Chargers won the prize and they are set to sign the contract with the cornerback.

Previously, the 26-year-old played for the New England Patriots from 2018. He had appeared in 62 games with 39 as a starter over four seasons. He has 25 career interceptions, in which no one since the 2018 campaign has competed. He also has 53 passes defenses.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick noted and recognized Jackson’s great performance.

“You leave any trash laying around, he’s going to pick it up,” Belichick said.

Obviously, Belichick has been working together with Jackson. It is safe to consider that it’s unfortunate for the Patriots that Jackson is leaving. Perhaps, this could just be another consideration made by the league that Jackson doesn’t know, despite his development.

In 2021, Jackson earned the title of Pro Bowl and Second-team All-Pro. The LIII Super Bowl champion tallied 58 total tackles. At end of 2021, Jackson was admittedly waiting for another contract extension with the Patriots. Though the 6-foot-1, 198-pound was expected to be re-signed, New England held off the talks until the year was over, as Jackson told NBC Sports Boston.

“I guess they feel like they don’t need me,” Jackson said. “I guess I can’t be that important to them. I know I am, but they’re not showing me.”

Sadly, the Patriots chose not to use the franchise tag on Jackson, until the Chargers took over and acquired him from free agency.

“Whatever happens happens. I’m taking it day by day. But it’s time for me to get paid. It’s time to get Mr. INT paid.”

Jackson will join safety Derwin James Jr. in the secondary.

Chargers on the move

The Chargers have Justin Herbert, but they will have to go against other quarterbacks such as Patrick Mahomes from Kansas City Chiefs, Russell Wilson from Denver Broncos, and Derek Carr from Las Vegas Raiders.

Meanwhile, the move continues for the Chargers’ aggressive rotation of their defense. Last week, the Chargers announced the addition of pass rusher Mack from the Chicago Bears. On Monday, a source told ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler the team also made a two-year deal worth $14 million with former New York Giants defensive tackle Austin Johnson.

On the same day, Rams defensive tackle Sebastian Joseph-Day was also confirmed to sign with the Chargers. The deal is a three-year, $24 million deal with $15 million guaranteed, Rapoport reported.

Los Angeles Chargers

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