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Best wagers to place for the upcoming NFL season

There are four months before the new NFL season kicks off in Los Angeles. The league is back in full swing and having the full regular-season schedules in hand, there are several odds from DraftKings and Caesars that might just be the best predictions in the futures and regular-season win totals markets.

DraftKings NFL predictions

Dallas Cowboys (O/U 10.5) displayed a tremendous improvement in their defensive side last season and should easily seal 10 wins in a 17-game regular season. Meanwhile, for the out-of-division games, it might go toward the under (-130).

Denver Broncos (O/U 10) have also shown better defense and deep offense, riding the over (-120).¬†Jacksonville Jaguars (O/U 6) recruited the No. 1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence and they went over (-120). New York Jets (O/U 5.5) is a popular team with a whopping -140, but they’re playing the tough AFC East, making the prediction sits at under 5.5 wins (+115).

Houston Texans (O/U 4.5) is one of the most popular futures bets in the regular-season wins market with under 4.5 wins at -190, while Baltimore Ravens (O/U 9.5) heads towards over 9.5 wins (-140).

Thanks to Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals (O/U 10) have been showing good numbers and experts are riding them under 10 wins (-130). Meanwhile, Chicago Bears (O/U 6.5) was led to the under (-130).

Kansas City Chiefs (O/U 10) upgraded their offense and earned over 10 (-115) is our play. In the NFC North, Detroit Lions (O/U 6.5) are going under (-130).

Caesars NFL Predictions

On AFC East, the online sportsbook operator predicted Buffalo Bills (O/U 11.5) to win at least 12 games with the year’s better rooster. Miami Dolphins (O/U 8.5) is predicted to bag at least 8.5 wins – a number that New England Patriots (O/U 8.5) also earned.

Just like Draftkings, New York Jets (O/U 5.5) is to win less than 6 games as their average win total over the past six seasons hoes under (4.5).

For AFC North, Baltimore Ravens (O/U 9.5) is tied with Cincinnati Bengals (O/U 9.5) as well as Cleveland Browns (O/U 9.5). Meanwhile, Pittsburgh Steelers are at O/U 7.5.

AFC South’s Houston Texans (O/U 4.5) is going to have another difficult schedule with its current offense, and the same goes for Jacksonville Jaguars (O/U 4.5). On the other hand, Indianapolis Colts (O/U 9.5) and Tennessee Titans (O/U 9.5) should be able to take home 10 wins.

For AFC West, Denver Broncos (O/U 10) would need to break the losing streak to Kansas City Chiefs (O/U 10.5) that won at least 12 games every four consecutive seasons.

Las Vegas Raiders (O/U 8.5) came off a 10-win playoff season, and those numbers should be achievable as well by Los Angeles Chargers (O/U 10).

For NFC East, Dallas Cowboys won 12 games last season, but they’re tied with Washington so they end up with O/U 10.5. New York Giants (O/U 7) earn an ambitious seven wins after last season’s 4-13 finish.

Philadelphia Eagles (O/U 9) won nine games last season and are expected similar wins this year. Washington Commanders are at O/U 7.5 after a season filled with injury and the COVID-19 outbreak.

NFC North sees Chicago Bears at O/U 6.5 and Detroit Lions at O/U 6. Meanwhile, coming with a record of three 13-win seasons is Green Bay Packers with O/U 11. Next to this record is Minnesota Viking (O/U 9) with 9 wins average.

On the other side, NFC South sees Atlanta Falcons at O/U 5.5, Carolina Panthers O/U 6, New Orleans Saints at O/U 7.5, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers

at O/U 11.5.

NFC West’s Arizona Cardinals are pulling all strings with O/U 9 and the Los Angeles Rams (O/U 10/5) are predicted to bring 12 games. San Francisco 49ers are at O/U 10 while observers take the optimistic over at O/U 6 for Seattle Seahawks.

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are a professional American football team based in Baltimore. (wikipedia)

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos are a professional American football franchise based in Denver. (wikipedia)